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At the Property Center, we take care of our clients, really.

We listen to your goals and needs and work with you to find the right buyer, home or investment for you. You can count on our expertise and personalized attention to make the experience smooth and simplified for your convenience.

You’ll walk away with more real-estate savvy and confidence in your choice of properties, and you can rely on us as your property management company for all your investment real estate.

A property portfolio is a sound investment, and if correctly chosen and managed it can supply you with enough passive income to supplement your other earnings and even allow you to retire early, or simply grow your bottom line and be more financially stable. However, owning the property is only part of the job: you also have to keep it rented and in good shape. Managing tenants and administering property is time-consuming, especially if you own more than one, and this is when property management services come in to maximize your income and reduce your day-to-day involvement with tenants and their issues.

If you’re looking for real estate management services, Oklahoma has many large firms that can help you manage your investment properties – we hope you will choose ours. Whether it be Tulsa property or anywhere else in Oklahoma, property management is a valuable tool to make the most of your investment and ensure your properties earn back what they should. In Oklahoma city, property management is heavier on commercial real estate – OKC has a lot of space for lease, and we have a lot of experience making it work.

But when it comes to property management, Oklahoma City is not the only place we serve. We also work a lot in Edmond property management, Tulsa is another area we serve, and generally all over Oklahoma you will find us working alongside the top property management companies. Tulsa, OK, has a growing property market which we can advise you on.

Investment property in the city is a little easier to manage, since it is easy to get repairs and upgrades done quickly. Property away from cities can be trickier to manage, since you are not close to it, and neither are most service providers. Don’t let this stop you from considering vacation property in a beautiful location – a property manager can help you out.

You may like a vacation spot so much you decide to invest in it, purchasing a condo, timeshare, bungalow or boat. Don’t make this a bigger expense – your vacation property can make money for you if you let it out on short term leases or an Airbnb format. If the hassle of staging, photographing, marketing and advertising it puts you off, just off-source them to one of our expert property managers, who will have your vacation property making money for you in no time. Don’t think that because your property is unusual it will be hard to profit from it – vacationers tend to appreciate unique experiences, and so your treehouse, yurt or fishing shack may become very popular and earn you a nice yearly sum with proper management and marketing.

When you decide to make your vacation property work for you, give us a call. We’re keen on vacation property management – OKC has many condos and villas to let, as does Tulsa, OK. Property management will keep your rental units occupied wherever they may be – ask us about our Edmond property management options if you own real estate there, too.

There is more to investment property than residential properties: commercial property is also a very good way to grow your portfolio and increase your passive income. That said,experts do recommend starting your portfolio with residential property, before growing it with commercial real estate. Commercial properties require less upkeep and supervision, but they are trickier to manage. The value of a commercial property is directly tied to its rental income, so you need to be extremely careful when setting the rent for your property. Expert advice will ensure you don’t sell your property short or diminish its value, and that you ask for a rental price that reflects prices in the area and is attractive and competitive while still making money for you.

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