Comfortable and desirable homes for rent

When you are renting a home, you likely have a pretty long list of needs, wants, and dealbreakers. The Property Center offers a wide selection of rental homes to meet the needs of anyone who is looking for a comfortable, desirable, and well-maintained place to live.

Homes that are managed by the Property Center are maintained with excellence and care. That is because we want our tenants to feel valued and appreciated.

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Homes for rent that meet everyone’s needs

Our properties include small homes perfect for single individuals, as well as large homes built to accommodate big families. We understand that every tenant or family is looking for something a little bit different. 

Some people need to look at real estate that is close to a job, school, or family member. Others need to prioritize the amount of space that is available, pet-friendliness, accessible features like ramps and handrails, or something else that is unique to them. 

We offer homes to meet everyone’s needs. When you are looking for the perfect rental house, we can help you find that ideal house in the ideal location.

Where do you want to live?

We have homes in some of Oklahoma City’s most desirable neighborhoods. We have properties in Edmond, Briarwood Circle, Paseo, Belle Isle View, and many more neighborhoods. Availability changes regularly as leases are signed. We also have new availability every month, as we are regularly trusted by owners to take on the management of their rental homes. 

Are you looking for a friendly atmosphere for families and kids? Do you want to be close to restaurants, shopping, and nightlife? What about having a house that is close to public transportation or easy access to the interstate? Check out our list of vacancies to see which property is right for you.

Our property managers are here for you

We hire the best property managers to make sure that the home you rent is well maintained throughout the length of your lease! 

We keep our tenants satisfied by regularly inspecting our properties for damage or necessary repairs. One of the benefits of renting instead of owning is that you have a team of qualified experts ready to take care of the big and small issues that arise at your house.

We take care of small tasks like changing smoke detector batteries and servicing HVAC systems. We also do big projects, from cleaning and replacing gutters to making large repairs. 

Contact us to learn more about vacancies in our well-maintained homes to find out which property meets your individual and unique needs.

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