If you are a commercial property owner in Oklahoma, you face a lot of challenges.

It isn’t easy to fit all the tasks of property management into your day on top of all of your other obligations.

Property management isn’t something you can cut corners on either. The best way to make your properties profitable is to provide an exceptional renting experience for your tenants.

That’s why so many Oklahoma commercial property owners turn to the Property Center. We understand what it takes to manage commercial properties successfully and what property owners need to balance the many demands on their time.

Flexible Property Management 

No two commercial properties or their owners are alike. However, they all deserve fantastic service and a team they can count on.

The Property Center excels at providing comprehensive, flexible property management services for Oklahoma property managers who want to get the most out of their commercial properties.

Our property management services are customizable to address every Oklahoma property owner’s needs. We can scale those services to lend as much or as little support as you want. You simply let us know what tasks you want to delegate and what you will retain.

We are here to help you keep your operations efficient and meet your goals.

Providing a Smooth Experience from the Beginning

At the Property Center, we believe in providing an easy, streamlined rental experience for everyone. We work closely with our clients to ensure their needs as property owners are met and that we are helping them ensure their tenants’ needs also are being met.

When you work with us, we begin by discussing the commercial properties you own, what your goals and challenges are for each of them, and what you need from us to increase your rental income and maximize your success. You get to pick and choose from our complete list of property management services to create the perfect plan for each of your properties.

We make renting your Oklahoma commercial space easy for you and prospective tenants. We use proven marketing campaign strategies to advertise your vacancies to the right markets. We target the most promising leads and increase your chances of getting a signed lease sooner. 

When prospective tenants are ready to rent from you, you get the final approval. However, the Property Center team can handle all stages of the leasing process to save you time. We:

  • Communicate with prospective tenants.
  • Schedule and conduct tours and inspections.
  • Provide all necessary forms.
  • Run credit and rental history checks.
  • Collect relevant fees and more.

Our work doesn’t end there. The Property Center believes in promoting good landlord-tenant relationships for everyone’s satisfaction and profit. We help you do this by making the rental experience convenient for your tenants.

Nothing is more frustrating to a tenant than an absentee landlord. However, property owners don’t always have the time to respond to every tenant’s communications or monitor their payments, especially if you own large or multiple properties. 

Let your experienced Property Center team fill in the gap and be your friendly liaison between you and tenants. We offer a variety of solutions that make it easier to work with tenants and ensure their experience of renting from you is a pleasant one so they continue to renew their leases.

For instance, our team is equipped to promptly answer tenant questions and complaints and pass on the most serious issues for your consideration. We also make it easy to collect rent and receive maintenance requests with online tenant accounts that are convenient for both you and your tenants.

When you rely on the Property Center to provide your tenants with a great experience, you reap the benefits. They will be happy to stay long term and continue paying you rent. You also will gain a reputation as a trustworthy landlord whom other tenants will seek to rent from.

Always Stay in the Loop

Turning over the day-to-day management of your Oklahoma rental properties to someone else may sound counterintuitive when you want to grow your operations, but the Property Center keeps you abreast of everything concerning your commercial properties. We make it easier to stay on top of things so you always know how your investment properties are working for you. 

We help you stay up to date on your rental income and legal obligations by:

  • Sending monthly and year-end financial statements.
  • Notifying you of changes to local property and landlord laws.
  • Providing copies of all forms and documents.

Make the most of your rental properties with the Property Center’s property management services. We help you balance the responsibilities of owning and managing your commercial rental properties so you can focus on expanding your operations without worrying that something is being overlooked. 

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