How Multi-Family Property Management Increases Your Profits

Oklahoma multi-family homes come in a variety of sizes. Some are single-family homes converted into two or more units. Others are apartment buildings with four or more units. However big your multi-family home is or how many properties you own, you still need quality property management services to make the most of your investment property.

Customizable Multi-Family Property Management Solutions

The Property Center offers busy Oklahoma property owners complete multifamily property management services to simplify their operations and give them the freedom to focus on the big picture of property ownership. We handle the daily tasks that are necessary for good property management but often distract you from increasing profits and planning for future real estate investing.

We understand that every property owner has different goals and a different path to work towards those goals. To give you the full benefits of great property management, our services are customizable to meet your different needs and preferences.

The Property Center helps clients with a variety of multi-family rental homes manage maintenance, tenant relationships, finances, rental income, and more. We work with you from the start to establish what responsibilities you want us to handle and what you will retain. As a property management company, we have many years of experience managing multifamily properties, as well as navigating the Oklahoma rentals market.

Leasing Made Easy

Tenants and landlords alike prefer an easy leasing experience. The Property Center has the tools and solutions to satisfy everyone. We help you give your tenants the leasing experience they want so that they continue renting from you, and you enjoy stable rental income.

Our property management services begin with helping you secure the right tenants for your properties. Marketing to fill vacancies is one of the hardest parts of property management when you do it on your own. With the Property Center, you have a team of professionals to handle that marketing plan and execution for you. We can list your properties on our website and target your prime demographics to get you promising leads faster.

Finding Tenants

You still get the final say in whom you rent to, but we do the legwork of finding you the right tenants and get their background checked.

We Handle the Leasing Process For You

The Property Center team will also handle the details of the leasing process for you. We can:

  • Respond to prospective tenants’ queries
  • Schedule and perform showings
  • Vet tenants 
  • Draft leases and other forms, providing you with copies
  • Collect safety deposits and additional fees
  • Perform move-in and move-out inspections
  • Handle evictions when necessary

At every point, we seek to secure the best tenants for your properties and make sure both parties are getting what they want for a smooth, streamlined process.

Rent Collection and Communication

That goal doesn’t change after the lease is signed. We continue to promote excellent landlord-tenant relationships for our clients and their renters by being responsive to everyone’s needs.

As a landlord, you need to know the condition of your property and that rent is paid in full each month. Tenants need a way to communicate concerns and maintenance requests. The Property Center knows how busy you are, so we handle rent collection and communications for you. We offer online tenant accounts where they can easily make payments and submit maintenance requests for our and your review. We respond to their questions and complaints promptly, so no one feels ignored.

With the Property Center taking care of your tenants, you’ll be free to focus on other aspects of property ownership while enjoying the reputation of a trustworthy, attentive landlord. You’ll have fewer vacancies and see your rental income grow.

Addressing Maintenance Challenges

Maintenance issues are a frustration for both landlords and tenants. Landlords are obliged to provide safe, comfortable housing, but many struggle to find the time to make repairs or hire a service. Whether you need routine inspections, move-out cleaning, or unexpected repairs, the Property Center makes multi-family home maintenance easy for our clients.

We have relationships with local vendors whom we can schedule with little notice. Everyone we work with is licensed and bonded and comes with stellar reputations, so you never have to worry who is working on your property. We also notify you of significant damage or upcoming costs, so you are up-to-date on the condition of your rentals. Your tenants will appreciate the prompt resolution of their maintenance requests, and you’ll enjoy being the owner of well-kept properties.

Tracking Profits
For Growth

There’s more to property management than keeping tenants happy. There’s also the business side of your operations. To ensure your rental income is what it should be and to help you achieve your goals, the Property Center tracks your cash flow and profits and sends you monthly and annual statements. We know what a big investment your rental properties are and want to help you get the biggest return possible from them.

As your one-stop-shop for property management services, the Property Center is here to help you succeed at managing your multi-family rental homes.

Make Your Multi-Family Property Profitable

All multi-family property owners face several challenges in making their investment profitable. You have multiple units to maintain and find tenants for. You have legal obligations to those tenants. You have the business side of your operations to oversee. The demands on your attention and time can be daunting. That’s why so many Oklahoma property owners rely on property management firms like the Property Center.

Get in touch with us today to see how your income and efficiency can grow with The Property Center.

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