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Buying and selling a new home is a big undertaking.

There are a lot of steps in the process and decisions to make.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and make a costly mistake.

To make the process smooth and get the most for your home, you need expert real estate agents like those at the Property Center.

Any real estate agent can help you purchase a home in Oklahoma. However, not every agent is the same. You want someone who will take the time to understand your timeline and situation, has experience buying in your local market, and is communicative, professional, and easy to work with. 

Members of the National Association of Realtors

Each of our realtors is a member of the National Association of Realtors. As such, they show a commitment to excellence in their profession and the NAR code of ethics. 

This includes protecting the interests of clients, acting with honesty, cooperating with other real-estate professionals, handling clients’ funds and assets appropriately, serving the public indiscriminately, and more. 

Renee Musgrove

Renee Musgrove Realtor / Managing Broker

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Meghan Johnson

Meghan Johnson Realtor / Bespoke Real Estate Team , 918-269-9145

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Jennifer McCain

Jennifer McCain Realtor / Leasing Agent

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Jared Haley

Jared Haley Realtor

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Michael Lee

Michael Lee Realtor , 918-984-5019

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Abbie Davis

Abbie Davis Realtor

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Mason Morris

Mason Morris Realtor

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Kyle Trowbridge

Kyle Trowbridge Realtor / Bespoke Real Estate Team

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Abby Alvarez Smith

Abby Alvarez Smith Realtor / Limitless Home Team

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Jacob Arthurs

Jacob Arthurs Realtor

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Mimi Campbell

Mimi Campbell Realtor

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Eli Davis

Eli Davis Realtor / Owner

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Shelby Grigsby

Shelby Grigsby Realtor / Bespoke Real Estate Team

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Danny Halsted

Danny Halsted Realtor / Bespoke Real Estate Team , 405-423-7375

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Wougie Heap of Birds

Wougie Heap of Birds Realtor

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Micah Highfill

Micah Highfill Realtor

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Eric Martin

Eric Martin Realtor

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Tucker McIntire

Tucker McIntire Realtor

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Brooke Russell

Brooke Russell Realtor

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Daniel Stewart

Daniel Stewart Realtor

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Roy Stucker

Roy Stucker Realtor / Limitless Home Team

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Planning on selling your home this year? The Property Center can get your home sale-ready, on the market, and sold according to your timeline and needs. And we make the process easy for your convenience and peace of mind.


Whether you’re buying your first home or have done it before, becoming a homeowner can be stressful. Let the Property Center relieve some of that stress.

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Whether you need to get your home sold fast or can take your time, the Property Center works around your timeline and keeps you up-to-date on interested parties, their offers, and negotiations.