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Professional lawn care service, weeding and pest control

Everybody loves a beautiful lawn, but not everyone loves lawn maintenance. Keeping that grass green and thriving takes a lot of work: watering your lawn, mowing, controlling pests, and more. Since you probably have better things to do, we offer you complete lawn care service, from lawn analysis down to pest control, weeding and more.

Lawn Care

You might ask, “Why professional lawn care? How hard can it be to set some sprinklers and mow every now and then?” Well, on one hand, lawn mowing is not rocket science, and if you enjoy mowing your lawn, mow away. That said, mowing is quite time consuming, and don’t forget you would have to buy, maintain and transport your own mower, so expenses for maintenance, servicing, fuel and the like do add up.

Mowing is just a small part of lawn maintenance, and if you do not look after your turf properly it might just die on you, leaving you looking at an expensive lawn replacement.

Grass is a plant like any other, and it needs many things besides water. Healthy turf requires occasional aeration and regular fertilization treatments to give the grass the nutrition it needs to stay vibrant and healthy. Lack of appropriate care can leave you with yellowish grass, brown patches, or worse – dead turf.

You also need to be on top of weed control, lest your lawn start looking like a vacant lot. Any self-respecting lawn care company will make sure your garden is free from weeds and as tidy as possible. Weed control can be done mechanically, with chemicals or organically – it depends on your garden and your priorities.

Pest control

Let’s think of what would happen if you failed to notice or control grub infestations under your turf, for example. Dead patches of grass, and an issue that would definitely put renters and residents ill at ease.

Not just anyone can deal with a grub infestation – local lawn pests vary from town to town, and what works on one may not work on another. Online lawn care tips are helpful, but nothing replaces an expert, who can diagnose the kind of infestation in your lawn and deal with it efficiently.

Tree and shrub maintenance

Besides lawn services, we also offer tree and shrub maintenance: pruning, cleanup, seasonal attention in spring and fall, and more. No more raggedy hedges! Forget about sharpening your shears and ensuring your lines are straight – leave it to the professionals and enjoy professional results and lasting curb appeal.

Sometimes larger trees grow over areas where they shouldn’t be, and branches can pose safety hazards if there’s a risk of them breaking and falling on people or property. Tree trimming and branch removal are definitely a job best left to experts, who have the equipment and experience required to climb the tallest trees and safely cut branches back and dispose of them.

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